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Betting offices

betting online officesThere are several trusted systems. Betting systems could increase probability of win, or at least decrease probability of loose. One system works 100%, but only theoretically. In real life it needs lot of money, almost infinite bankroll, so it´s useless. Every experienced bettor has his own strategy which is further improved by his new experience.

1. Flat betting – the easiest way to bet. You always bet the same amount, for example 10€. You don´t need a lot of money for this. If you bet on single matches, this will be the mostly used system for you.

2. Raising bets in case of win. You start for example with 1€, if you win, you bet more. If you win more bets, your win will be significantly higher, if you loose, you start again. You don´t need lot of money and you raise bets from won money.

3. Raising bets in case of 4 wins in a row. For example you bet on odd 2,00 Your first bet is 10€, second bet for 30€, third bet for 20€ and fourth for 60€. If you loose your first bet, you loose 10€. If you loose the second bet, you loose 20€. If you win third bet, you are still 20€ plus. And if you win the fourth bet, you are 120€ plus and you can continue with 1-3-2-6 with significant increase of bet.

Most of systems which includes increase of bets could reach the betting limits. This should not be case of Bet365, Unibet and other big companies.

Betting strategies

betting strategies Discipline and control of your emotion is not the only thing you need to have income. Important but often underrated thing is a strategy. Which strategies are the best? Well, there are many of them and you should choose that one which fully complies with your financial and time resources.

Very popular is double betting. First day you choose event with odd at least 2,00. Of course you should also take care of probability of win. You bet 10€. If you win, you get 20€, if you loose, you have nothing. But the second day you can choose other event you trust in with odd at least 2,00 and bet 20€ for it. If you win, you have 40€ and you still have 10€ profit.

If it doesn´t work, it could by repreated with 40, 80, 160…This strategy is risky and demands high bankroll, but if you choose events with high probability of win, there is a big chance to profit. There are many strategies even for live matches. For example if the team scores first goal, it´s usually worthy to bet that it will score second too. Some experts also recommend to benefit of low odds at the end of the match and bet on actually winning team. During time you will find the strategy which is right for you.