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Betting hints

betting hintsIn this article you will find some betting hints. These are not for direct tips on events and cannot surely help you to win, but here are our three golden rules you should alway follow:

1. If you win, stand on the ground and don´t bet more money. Continue as usually and remember that as same as you easily won, you should also easily loose. And if you loose, don´t place higher bets or change your strategy. If it worked previously, it will work again. Bettting is about discipline. If you loose for a longer period of time, take some rest and come back later. The success will come but it will take some time.

2. Never stop learning. This is still repreated rule but works also in betting. Always be open minded, even if you just won. You can always be better. Take enough time to get info about the event, to make an analysis and to study. You always need to get new info. Sport is developing, every match is different. Without proper info you cannot win. If you like sport, it will be easy for you.

3. consider betting as an investmet. Set your goal and when you achieve it, start again. Do you want to get 100% income of your first deposit? Well, that´s your goal. But if you are a beginner, set lower goals which will help you to see your progress better.

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How to earn by betting

How to earn by betting

That´s the question that every bettor asks himself. How to bet and don´t loose? Is it possible to earn by betting? Mathematically said, the office has an advantage. But with good strategy you may raise probability of win. The most important point is value of the odd.

Most of the bettors bet only on favorites “because they has good opportunity to win.” That´s right, but the odd is not always high enough to be worthy. Or it may happen that the bettor bets on his favorite team. But betting is not about your fan preferences, it´s about winning. You should only bet value odds. Throw your loses over your head and believe that it will turn out soon. Said by different words, you should never let yourself to be too enthusiastic after your first wins.

If you want to earn, you need to play with a bankroll which can afford some loses. Let´s say that if you always bet 1€, you should have bankroll at least 50€. You should always have 50x more than you bet on your account. Multi-bets, accumulators…Anyhow you call it, you have to know when to use it and when absolutely not. Of course it offers big incomes, but without a precise analysis and stating whether the odd is value or not it´s one of the worst methods to bet. So how to earn? State your goals, be disciplined and learn about new strategies.