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Betting on basketball


All punters have a sport they prefer to place bets on, and about which they have the greatest knowledge. In today’s article, we’ll give you some advice and tips for betting on basketball, specifically the NBA.
In contrast to European basketball leagues, NBA matches are played practically every day, and so punters have a wide range of options to choose from.

Although basketball is a team sport, great stress is placed on the quality of individuals. This is the first indicator which needs to be very carefully monitored, because a team, no matter how good it is, which is missing a key player who can take personal responsibility at critical moments in the game can easily lose a match with a team whose overall position is far worse.

Whether it’s LeBron James for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Steph Curry for the Golden State Warriors or Kevin Durant for the Oklahoma City Thunder, we strongly recommend not betting on those teams when these players and leaders are missing.

Here we move on to betting on individuals. A certain long-term trend applies here. Key players such as those named above give above average performances over the vast majority of the season. Only occasionally does it happen that these leaders stay on 10-15 points per match. If this happens, however, you need to pay attention. After one or two bad games, the border for the number of successful shots for these players will fall slightly, and this can be taken advantage of.

Betting on a higher number of successful shots than the determined border for these players is certainly wise, because as has been said, key players display an above-average performance for most of the season. You can bet on these opportunities with a good odds, e.g. with Betfair.

Another important aspect which should be monitored is the distance between cities whose teams are playing. Punters should monitor this information not just for NBA, but practically for all sports. Also not to be disregarded are team statistics; how well teams defend or attack. This can be used when placing bets on numbers of points in a match. You can put a number of these bets on one ticket, creating a ‘combined bet’ just from basketball matches.