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Live football betting

live betting football

Today it is now standard to be able to make live bets at a bookmakers during a match. Let’s take a look at the benefits of such bets for football, the sport in which these kinds of bets are most widespread.
Many experts are sure to tell you that the most important thing when betting online on football is to be watching the match, whether that be on TV, or the streamed matches which good bookmakers such as Bet-at-home often offer.

The reason is simple; when you are only looking at numbers and can’t see what is going on on the pitch, the risk of loss is large. The team you want to place a bet on may have more shots on goal according to the statistics, but the other team may be clearly better. Having the match in your sight can be exploited when you place a bet.

It is very popular for pundits to place bets on prematch favourites who are not doing well in the actual match, thus increasing any winnings. When Barcelona played away with Real Sociedad recently in the Spanish league, for example, and they had been 0:1 down since the fifth minute, the odds for a Barcelona win were already 2:1 by the fiftieth minute. And just a reminder: before the match if you had placed a bet on a Barcelona win the odds would have been 1.35. In the end, Barcelona lost the match, but Real Sociedad was under massive pressure and it only held on with substantial difficulty.

It is here that live football betting can prove very valuable. With every minute that passes until the end of the match, the odds for a favourite which is losing grow. These odds can easily offer great value, as it often happens that an outsider is unable to withstand the pressure from its opponents up to the end, and they eventually lose.

This is why it is important to see what is happening in the match and try to predict the course of events to come. Even betting on a favourite whom you wouldn’t have betted on at the prematch odds can give you a handsome profit in the end. But be careful: we strongly recommend only betting on one match with this kind of bet, and not combining them with other bets.

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