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Nitra will also arrive in Vítkovice on the play-off of the Champions League, also Štefanka

The Duel of the first round of the play-off Champions League starts in Ostrava on Tuesday at 17.00. The return will be in a week in Nitra from 18.00.

“Vítkovice was the second home for me, so I look forward to the match,” Štefanka said through the Vitkovice web. “I will try to show something and of course to win.”

Nitra won the base group when Pilsen and Norwegian Stavanger left behind. Vítkovičtí to the elimination part of the competition went through mobile betting the second place through Krefeld and in the current duel they mark the opponent of their opponent.

“We do not think of him,” Štefanka warned. “We know very well the quality of Czech hockey.We hope to play good matches and see who will advance. “Štefanka says the strength of the Slovak champion is in his balance and interplay. “We have a good manchaft, which has been around for four years. In the spring we won the title and since then the team has not changed much, we have stayed together. The interplay works. We benefit from the game ahead. We have fast, creative players, shooters, but we can defend ourselves as a team. And we have a good goalkeeper. ”

Vítkovice’s cadre was added by the attacker Jan Hudeček from the farm in Poruba. He can start today. “As for the rival, a well-organized team is waiting for us.He is very good at speed, not just skating, “said Pavel Trnka, the Vítkovice coach.

Nitrates have three Canadians, American betting analysis and Czech striker Filip Bajtek in the team. “Foreigners have a share in the quality of their opponent,” confirmed Trnka. “On the other hand, every team in the Champions League is unpredictable and has its own quality.”

The Ostrava Arena should now reach seven hundred Nitra fans. Štefanka can not estimate how many of them are really going to be.

“There were really many in Plzen, and domestic fans were easily overwhelmed.Ostrava is much closer – and it’s still a play-off, so we’re waiting for a lot of support, “said Juraj Štefanka.

Are the fans of Nitra the best in Slovakia? “No,” Stephan said. “They are the best in 1xBet Slovakia and in the wider neighborhood. People in Nitra have gone crazy in hockey, which is great for us. We really are very curious how many will come to Ostrava. “