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Lucas Pratto is signed by Feyenoord of the Netherlands

In a creative and humorous way, the Feyenoord of the Netherlands announced on Friday, the first day of 2021, the hiring of Argentine striker Lucas Pratto, 32, who played for Atlético (MG) and São Paulo between the years 2015 and 2017.

Feyenoord posted the phrase “Happy New Bear” on their social media – Happy New Bear, instead of the usual Happy New Year, Happy New Year. It is actually a joke with the bearded and willful attacker, who bears the nickname Bear in English.

This will be the Argentine’s third pass with a European club. Before, when he was 20 years old, he served in Lyn from Norway. After returning to Argentina for a period to defend the Unión de Santa Fé, he went to Chile to play for Universidad Católica and then for Genoa of Italy, where he served in the 2011/2012 season.

Back on the South American continent, Pratto played for Atlético (MG) and São Paulo, from where he left in early 2018 to play for the mighty River Plate. Pratto entered the history of the Millionaires by scoring two goals in that year’s Copa Libertadores decision against arch-rival Boca Juniors, won by River himself 3-1.

Pratto also won the Argentine title, the Argentine Cup and a South American Recopa for the club of his homeland. Now he’s packed and ready to go on his first experience in Dutch football. The striker is well known for his speed and race in the dispute of a play, always believing in each move.