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Free Bet Bonus

Free Bet Bonus

Betting can be fun! Sometimes in life, we come across situations where we have to make bets. We make the prognosis on the weather forecast, the gender of the child about
to be born or what will someone amount to in a few years. Day by day we keep on making these predictions even without noticing. In the gambling industry, we also make bets.
We risk, take chances even when we are not sure of the outcomes. Let’s admit it, life can be boring without taking any risk. We can only grow outside our comfort zones.
The bookmakers have developed a system of free bets to keep up with the demanding gambling market. Using free bets we can gamble for free! Here are some great advantages
that make free bet bonuses so exciting!

-They attract new customers: With free bets, the bookies get new clients on board. Everyone likes getting free stuff in general, and people will always choose things that are given as a prize.

– They give you loads of opportunities: Free bets given by bookies can give you more opportunities to bet. The more chances you get to bet, the greater the probability of you winning.

– They put a smile on your face: Things given for free always make one happy don’t they? So does it feel when your bookmaker account is loaded with some extra free cash.

Remember to always read the terms and conditions that come along with the free bets, as certain bets can be used only in certain situations and come with limiting rules.
Here are some bookies that are offering great free bet opportunities:

Unibet: By joining Unibet you can get up to £30 of free bets. All you just need to do is sign up and deposit some amount of money. By making your first bet at minimum odds of 2/5, you get the chance to enjoy your free bonus. What are you waiting for? The Olympic games season is on, a lot is going on and there is a lot of betting that needs to be done!

Energybet: Opens the season with some “Summer madness”. By depositing an amount of €10, and betting for a minimum sum of €5, you may be the happy winner of €50 free bet cash daily. The bookie pampers its customers by offering a dream trip to Mykonos in a 4-star hotel for two lovely nights. Would you want to miss such a great opportunity?

Betfair: Try out Betfair with its great free bet offer. Bet £10 and get a £30 Free Bet. All you need to do is open your account using the given promo code, place a unique sports bet with a minimum £10 and get richer by gaining £30 of free bets.

Bet2u: Log in with the Bet2u bookmaker, place a £25 bet, and get a free £5 in return that can be used in any sports. Odds must be Evens (2.00) or greater. Such Bet365 take place every week and just make this company so exciting every day.

Bwin: Bwin has a great offer for its newcomers. All you have to do is sign up, place your bet with a minimum amount of £10 and receive your free bet. Remember that in order to take part in all kinds of bets you must be 18+.

As we can see in the given examples, free bets are offered by most bookies, we just have to search for them. Invest wisely in a great bookmaker ( like Sportingbet )and start to make a lot of cash. You deserve it, you just have to give it a try!

Free bets

There is a well-known saying which states that “The best things in life are free”. Of course, we do not have to pay a cent for the sun, love, air, beautiful forests, friendship or breathtaking landscapes, all these are given to us by life free of charge. Let’s be honest and admit it, everybody likes receiving free stuff. A good perfume as a present for your birthday, getting a free ride to work instead of buying a bus ticket, happy hour offers given by a local internet cafe, or in a nice hotel. Such free offers can make someone happy!

Having this in mind, the bookmakers have developed a system of free bets for their customers. As an innovative marketing strategy, most online bookmakers offer “free deals” to motivate clients to bet online instead of using traditional methods like casinos or street betting shops. Such deals are usually given to newcomers that are about to open an online account.

A quick definition of free bets

A free bet is a bonus that a bookmaker will pay on your account when you sign up and deposit some specific amount of money. For example, if a bookmaker is offering a €150 deposit bonus this means that if you open a new account and deposit on his website, you will get an additional amount of money on your account. This is the same money value you have deposited up to €150.

The free deals are usually attached to sporting events taking place, in order to attract more customers. Always get familiar with the terms and conditions that such free deals offer, as such free bets may be given for some particular period of time to be used (for example they may last usually around 30 days). All big bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, Betfred, Betfair or Sportingbet offer free betting opportunities and much more.

Types of free bets

Free bets usually come in various forms like free bet vouchers, codes and tokens or no deposit free bets.

– Free bet vouchers or coupons are given in the free bet voucher code section. Once requested your account is credited with a free bet and you are able to start your betting adventure. These vouchers may come with a given code that you will have to insert in the system. Betfair, Betfred offer such vouchers.

– Free bet code and tokens – promotional codes are given both to new and old clients in order for them to access special offers. Example: Ladbrokes gives an offer that if you can get up to 50 pounds, when you sign up and with a given promo code F50 on the registration page. Such a bet is valid for 7 days to use in any sports discipline.

– No deposit free bets- not used as often by bookmakers. These bets do not require you to make any deposit of money at all. Please make sure to claim these types of bets quite fast when offered to new members. They may be offered on very special occasions, and may come as a limited edition, so pay attention to them and take the chance fast. Paddypower, Unibet have offered these kinds of free deals.

Bookmakers use free bets and bonuses as a way of persuading new clients to try their product. Be very happy of so many occasions that are offered to you to play for free. Free deals will only increase your probability and chances of winning. Take matters into your own hands and visit an online or a high street bookie. Who knows if you are not the next one about to hit the jackpot?