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Cherandolo, fluent in English and German

Thanks to Cherandolo, who managed to rally the team around him, Hannover was then able to maintain a residence permit in the Bundesliga, being in a depressed psychological state. For such a committed attitude to the fans, the Americans nicknamed the “Major Hanover”. Cherandolo, fluent in English and German, defended the stars and stripes at two world championships in a row.

Sworn allegiance. 10 players for whom club colors are not an empty sound

7. Thomas Schaaf (Germany, Werder, 1978-1995). The 57-year-old German, who played in the position of a central defender, is an idol for people from the Wezerstadion. At the age of 11 years, Thomas got into the Academy of “green-white”, having passed all the junior teams, and then for 17 years he performed in the main team. Interestingly, the coaching path Thomas began while still a player – at the dawn of his professional career, the German coached the Werder junior teams, and in 1999 he became the head coach of the main team. Thomas had to leave Werder 5 years ago, after which he briefly worked at Eintracht from Frankfurt and Hannover, without gaining particular fame. Now Thomas, who is twice the champion of Germany as a player, is in free swimming.

Sworn allegiance. 10 players for whom club colors are not an empty sound

6. Alexander Shovkovsky (Ukraine, Dynamo, 1993-2016). A native of the capital of Ukraine became the main symbol of Dynamo, giving this club 23 years of professional career. If we also take into account the fact that Alexander rose up under the banner of the Academy of the club back in 1986, it turns out that for 30 (!) Years he worked for the benefit of his native club and hometown. For 18 years, Alexander was an indispensable figure in the Ukrainian team, once having gone to the World Championships in Germany. Shovkovsky still holds a curious achievement – he became the first and so far the last goalkeeper, who did not allow the ball to cross the net of his own goal in a penalty shootout within Mundial. Together with Dynamo, he won the Ukrainian championship 14 times, collecting a total of 35 trophies at the club level. Among other things, he was nominated for a golden ball in 1999.

Immediately make a reservation that in this text there will be no legendary players

Nowadays, footballers are increasingly likely to be lured away by a tightly packed wallet, forcing them to forget about who played an important role in their development. Previously, the grass was greener, and football players rather. It was (and, fortunately, there are) a large number of players, even if they were not always noticeable and did not play the role of the first violins, who had one record in the workbook.

Immediately make a reservation that in this text there will be no legendary players like Totti, Maldini or Carragher – only those who sometimes remained in the shadow of much more eminent partners.

10. Tony Adams (England, Arsenal, 1983-2002). The legendary central defender was a cult figure for fans of “gunners”. Even 6 years after Tony left the Arsenal camp, the fans of the London club sang “there is only one Tony Adams” to the man who at the time headed Portsmouth. For a long time, Adams fought alcohol and drug addiction, and his good friend and former teammate Paul Merson helped him in this. Tony, who spent 669 matches on an Arsenal T-shirt, tried his career as a coach in Portsmouth, Gabala and Granada at the end of his career, but nowhere could he gain a foothold for at least a year. Arsenal installed the statue of Adams, which is located in close proximity to the Emirates Stadium.

9. Tony Hibbert (England, Everton, 1998-2016). Unlike Adams, his “toffee” namesake never even came close to the England team, but became a landmark person for fans of Goodison Park. Tony never hit the opponents’ gate in the 329 official matches in the Everton T-shirt, so when a player who was constantly tormented with injuries could distinguish himself in one of the friendly matches against Greek AEK, the club fans were overjoyed and ran out on playing field hugging Hibbert and yelling something in his support.

8. Stephen Cherandolo (USA, Hannover, 1999-2014). The right-back from the United States moved to the “Hanover” in the distant 1999, when he completed his studies at the University of Portland.