Fear goes on the wave, standing again on the steps. Maribor finished third

Fear has entered the second round even from the second position, with a loss of 68 hundreds to head Shiffrin. The moment she stood at the start, Veronika Velez Zuzulová held the lead in the Slovenka Veronika race, which she brought from the opening act of 64 tenths to the good.

After passing in the meantime, Strachova’s head was shrunk by almost half, then made two mistakes in the middle passage and lost speed. Still, at the same time, she held the top two tenths of the Slovak squad. Is that enough?

It was not enough. At the finish, the 30-year-old Czech was about two-tenths slower. Still, she could smile at once.She knew: They will again be the winners.

The highest lady of the world championship Shiffrin said first and once again with an overwhelming 1.03 second.

The Slovak-Czech duo was compared to it.

In the second round, the rainy and ravaged races in the second round were troubled by many athletes who had a good starting position in the first act. Canadian Mielzynski fell from third place to the thirteenth, Bernadette Schild from fourth to eighth and Sweden Hansdotter in the red number of the runner-up slalom from fifth to ninth. On the other hand Velez Zuzulova rose by six bars above.


Slovenian fans were disappointed.The second round became fatal for last year’s Maribor winner, Tina Maze’s native heroine. The sixth woman of the first round did not finish the final act.From the cup weekend on “your pitch”, the big globe candidate did not even take a point!

As in Beaver Creek

On the other hand, Šárka Strachová is enjoying an excellent period, the second in Kühtai in December and after five years she has performed in the World Cup on the podium. Even the most important race of the season was excellent, at the Beaver Creece championship in the US last weekend third, and thus won the fourth medal at the World Championship.

Motivation did not leave her even after returning from overseas, in the order of SP in slalom she was thinking of improving her sixth position. “I would love to use the fact that I believe.I can ride with a certain ease and relaxation, “she said, adding that she had confirmed her words in Maribor.

The first lap of 6 was sure to make a major mistake, and she was ranked Shiffrin’s sovereign. Which, however, did not know the target after the lap, because the timekeeping on the board did not stop, and so she shrugged her shoulders. It was only then that the lap time was finally shown.

Behind her was “tight”: the third place was surprisingly held by Mielzynská, who took Shatin’s 81 knots behind her, with a slight loss ranging from seven hundred Austin Schild, World Champion Hansdotter and Maze.However, none of the four women went on the second round.

In the starting list there was another Czech Kateřina Pauláthová, who scored the first points in the season on Saturday’s giant slalom. It started as one of the last, with a starting number of 65, and eventually ended on the broken track in the fifties.

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