Online gambling in Sweden

Online games are regulated in different ways around the world. Therefore, trying to control the different rules and laws of different countries, states, or even nightmares may be nightmarish. areas you want to play from. Here at Svenska Online we get a lot of correspondence regarding the legality of using online casinos in Swedish-speaking territories, mainly mail in the style of “Is it illegal here”? Where can I check it out? Our answer is to first and foremost check with the online casino you intend to play on. If it is not clearly printed in their terms, you can check with their customer service. A more time-consuming way is to contact the authority that regulates games in your own country if you are still uncertain.

A legal monopoly

Under current legislation, the promotion of unlicensed gaming services is a criminal offense. The Act was established in 2002 to include online games, in principle to give Svenska Spel the opportunity to offer these services. The traditional justification for maintaining this monopoly is that when it forces players to play with the state monopoly, they are protected from gambling and industry from money laundering and other illegal activities.

Although many operators have the Swedish market as their target group after all, the state has been shown to be ready to take action where they have the opportunity. In the past, this has meant prosecuting editor-in-chiefs for newspapers whose newspapers have published advertising for non-licensed gaming operators.

Sweden’s booming gaming industry

Sweden’s unwillingness to regulate online games is somewhat ironic, as one thinks of the country’s thriving, privately owned gaming industry. Notable companies include operators such as Unibet and Betsson, as well as software companies such as Boss Media and NetEnt. Although this is a growing industry in the country, the activities of these companies are still unregulated in their home market.

This is in stark contrast to the monopoly holder Svenska Spel. They have been struggling with profitability for several years, mainly due to the excessively restrictive terms of the license. According to the CEO of, Lennart Käll, this makes it impossible for the company to compete with unregulated players.

A long piece left

As in Germany, it seems unlikely that the extensive changes the European Commission has demanded will be implemented in Sweden in the near future. As long as this is the case, it will probably lead to Sweden being faced with the European Court of Justice.

Nevertheless, there are signs that Swedish political parties are getting used to the idea of ​​opening up the country’s gaming market for competition. The most recent example is the Christian Democrats, who previously opposed this, but have now changed their opinion. The moderates have also expressed their approval for the liberalization of the Swedish gaming market.

Online gambling in Sweden
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