Thomas Müller or the story of an ordinary man

It is not difficult to determine the day when the general public for the first time more noticeably recorded the name of Thomas Müller. Of course, the Bayern fans or the Bundesliga spectators had spotted a twenty-year-old striker a few months before van Gaale’s first full-time season in the squad. However, he definitely entered the hearts of the German football team until June 27, 2010.

World Championship in South Africa, eight round between Germany and England. Clash of eternal rivals, always bringing a tense atmosphere and Bet365 unprecedented emotions.

From today’s point of view, the game is memorable above all by the unappeared regular goal of Frank Lampard, which has caused a stormy debate about the introduction of a football video. But this story will not interest us today.The Germans defeated Anglia 4: 1 and two goals scored by Thomas Müller. A player who had dug for Bayern in the third league a year ago.

After the match, the two-globe hero went on to talk to German TV. After several questions the reporter thanked and sent a lazy young man to his teammates. But Müller did not go anywhere. “I can say hello to someone, I want to greet my two grandmothers and my grandfather, I should have done it a long time ago.”

And then, with his unimaginable shrieking expression, he waved the camera. the phone rang in Pähl, a village thirty kilometers from Munich, almost uninterrupted. Eighty-one-year-old Erna Burghart, one of Thomas’s grandmothers, said bluntly, “It was nice, was not it?It’s a good boy. ”

” I really planned, “ expressed later Müller in an interview for the magazine Eight By Eight. ” I could not even , who could guess I would give two goals and I will say Unibet something on TV. It all turned out that I was in professional football for only a year and underestimated the power of the media. It was spontaneous and my grandparents were then because journalists harassed. “

The gesture, however, he gained popularity largely to the German public that had until then did not know. After a tense knockout duel worldwide pursued a commercial enterprise like the world championship, comes a twenty-year-old guy, and like nothing to the camera greets his grandparents.It all fits into Müller’s friendly and immediate nature, and some in the good sense of the custom that Bayern star and German repre.

As if the image of the inconspicuous boy from the neighborhood had already been brought to his parents. Thomas Müller – both the first and second name of the attacker, belongs to the most common in Germany. Even with the other things, the native of Weilheim does not fit too much among the other world football stars. While Pogba, Neymar and others are changing hairstyles on a running belt, Müller’s head has been finding the same “default” for years for extravagant creations. And compared to Cristian Ronald’s elaborate body, Müller’s fallen chest has also not shrunk .It’s no secret that his figurine boy from the squad on the gypsy was even the subject of the jokes of his teammates and he was also beaten by Bastian Schweinsteiger.

But on the pitch, you will notice Müller already. For Bayern he scored 154 goals, another 34 for the German repre and for two world championships he scored ten Bet365 goals. If he stays fit and sticks to his shape, he will surely move the table and certainly have the potential to overcome his famous countrymen – Jürgen Klinsmann, Gerd Müller and Miroslav Klose, who dominate the ranking of the best shooters of the World Championship.

goals on the World Cup – just the last of them Müller shot five, which gave him a silver kick for the second best cannon Mundial. Only James Rodriguez has scored more goals.This topic was the subject of an interview that took place after the winning German final with Argentina and will forever be one of those moments that will be displayed in the rich catalog of German Germans in the search for the term “Thomas Müller funny”.

p> During a two-question conversation with another hero of the Schweinsteiger championship, Müller asked Colombian TV reporter to ask questions in Bavarian language. But she did not care for his challenge, and she wondered English whether he was frightened that the golden kick for the best champion of the championship had run away. Müller’s answer was not long to wait.

“I do not care about this bullshit! We have a cup! We are world champions!Some muffled golden kick can be thrusting somewhere! “Müller said, with a fury of fury, and stalked away with a stern smile. “This is exactly what this and many other bits that can be found on social networks are all evidence of Müller’s friendliness and immediate nature. ranking the best players in the world two years ago, he finished the fifth ball in the poll, he does not hesitate, he does not create the impression that he is the star he stands for.Although it is so often.

This week’s Müller Champions League was Müller, who just scored a 2-2 draw just before the end, which meant an extension in which Bayern managed to turn the Juventus duel . Whether he plays in any post, he does not release a balloon, heats his teammates, works for the team.

Müller’s position on the lawn is one of the most interesting questions that can be addressed. Müller is able to get on the wing where Ancelotti in Bayern or Jogi Löw in Nationaelf is currently using him.Dozens of matches played as a midfielder, and Guardiola often used him as an offensive midfielder next to the sharp wings, in a trio under Lewandowski.

However, the football public agrees that it is best that Müller testifies in cooperation with the other assailant. The main forward on the field – whether it is “Lewy” in Munich, or Gomez and formerly Klose in the German national team – will tie up a defender, thereby creating a free space for Müller. He is the second-wave striker to get where he needs, and things happen.

In Germany Müller’s ideal position on the pitch even uses a special expression Raumdeuter – the space interpreter. Just give Müller a bit of space in sixteen, send him a balloon – and then just go enjoy.Müller does not use Messi’s technique, he is not as quick as Aubameyang, nor does he send passports like Iniesta. But the ability to find the right space at the right moment is probably one of the best in the world.

However, the player does not override this mark. “Look, every player, and especially the attacker, must have a certain sense of time and space. It’s not a matter of two, three players in the world – every good attacker knows it’s only timing and cooperation between the person who sends the passport and who gets into the right place at the right moment.”In the Madrid Atletico Madrid semifinal, in the first match in Madrid, Guardiola decided to leave Müller on the bench – bet on a pair of sharp wings and three midfielder. Diego Simeone lost and just the question “Where was Müller?” The next day appeared in all sporting articles not only in Germany.

A week later at the Allianz Arena Müller was already on the pitch for the first minute. only 2: 1, due to the previous defeat without a goal scored in Madrid for the procedure was not enough.A Thomas Müller, sometimes reliable penalty kicker, did not change the penalty.Beach 18 days later, Bayern in Berlin played the final of the German Cup. he went to the penalty and Müller was one of the designated pickers.The balloon goes through a snail’s step and basically does not even look at the ball, but the top right corner of Bürki’s goal reliably moves.

And that’s another proof of Müller’s nature. In the “joker” way of playing dozens, you can not look for exaggerated self-confidence or effort to prove to others how good a football player despite a failure against Atletico – rather it points to a certain carelessness that is his own. Did we go to the Champions League? Okay, do not mind. Now we are playing the final of the German Cup, we will win. And why could not I kick the penalty like this? For years Müller has been interested in the world’s leading clubs, but for a long time it seemed that he would not move from Munich.Until recently, Manchester United has been seriously talking about the air, and about £ 80 million have been flying through the air. In addition, the soccer player himself had heard that the English wages attracted him. The result was a signature with Bayern until 2021 and a salary increase made by the unimaginable German making the richest player in the Bundesliga.

Eminent interest in Müller’s arrival at Old Trafford was revealed by Louis van Gaal – the Dutch coach gave the junior first chance in A Bayern team. Club Chief Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, however, made it clear: “We do not have to talk about the price for some players.We would be crazy if we let Müller go. “

At the time of writing these lines, the German, who just celebrated his twenty-ninety birthday just three days ago, had a few new season matches. Werder Bremen, the Bundesliga team, a goal in the Champions League or a qualifying match against Norway for the national team, the Germans won three goals, Müller scored two goals and scored the remaining one, one goal scored by a right-handed attacker with one left leg. >

Müller is never going to be the face of a world-famous perfume or prestigious clothing brand, but she’s doing a commercial for crunching and Gerd Müller together in a spot for flavored milk of the same name.Maybe he will never be a captain of Bayern or a German representative – it’s probably just a very big comedian. But in the hearts of millions of football fans, he has already found his place.

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